Questions To Ask Before Hiring An SEO Company?

13 Mar

There are several agencies that in absence of full service digital marketing departments choose to outsource SEO work to different specialists. With the present focus on high quality content, SEO has become a bit easier. Due to abundant perks, there are several companies that will continue to outsource this critical service for the betterment of their business. 

Finding an SEO partner in the modern day can be so challenging because there are literally hundreds of freelance and small business SEO service in India.

In order to make sure that you find the perfect SEO partner and can efficiently serve you or your clients, ask them these 7 questions. 

  • How do you find out which search terms to focus on? 

    When asking this question, you basically want to look for some sort of detailed search term analysis, incorporated with a complete evaluation of the business model of the site which needs to be optimized.

  • How do you evaluate the success of your SEO campaigns? 

    You need a partner that uses metrics like online sales, leads, phone calls etc. to evaluate the success of their SEO campaigns. Be aware of those firms that promises you #1 Ranking which has zero direct revenue benefits. Make sure, you also get regular reporting created around these relevant metrics.

  • How do you combine SEO efforts with other marketing aspects? 

    In this question, you are mainly looking for partners that recognize good SEO isn’t done in a vacuum. When you integrate SEO with public relations, you ensure that search terms pertaining to new campaigns or products are effectively optimized. That is what you expect to see in the response.

  • How the content is created for search optimization? 

    Currently, search-friendly and high quality content is the king of the game. It is important that the content is crafted critically that not only contains key search terms but it should be able to interest both real people and Google. There is always advantage in hiring those digital marketing companies that have dedicated copywriters and also able to deliver multi-modal content.

  • How do you get more links?

    Links are the coin of the game. It is important to have links from at least semi-popular websites pointing to your search optimized content. It is surely going to be an uphill battle. Eventually, you want a partner that has a defined process of finding quality links for their clients.

  • After initial setup, what services do you provide on monthly basis?

    There are some SEO companies in India that works relentlessly to set up search program in the first couple of months but then charge the clients each month. You must find out what services they can offer to improve the campaign on ongoing basis.  

  • Ask the success story of the company?

    SEO is all about results and if the potential vendors don’t have a list of clients for whom they brought success by generating leads or increased sales, you must stay away!

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