Important SEO Terms To Know In 2020

03 Dec

To get the maximum advantage of any topic, it is recommended to take a deep dive in it and learn from inside out. In this process, a very important task is to understand the jargons, followed by an attempt to understand how does it work and then, how you can use it in your benefit. This very theory applies in SEO services as well and before you could think about using it for your business, as mentioned above, you must know everything about it and not all, but some important things are discussed herein.

What Is SEO All About?

According to veterans of the industry, SEO is all about using strategies to bring the website at a better position on search engine results and if possible, on the first page or in the top 5 search results. A number of strategies are used in this process and three of them have been listed here. In this post, we’ll mull upon some very commonly used terms, when SEO is being exercised on a website.

  • Create relevant, interesting and well-written content

  • Encourage other people to link to your content to help spread the word

  • Optimise the technical side of your website to make it easy foe search engines to find it

Here are some terms that are most commonly used in the context of SEO services.

Organic Traffic

  • In the context of SEO, this term, "Organic Traffic” is used to define the traffic that is coming to your website without any SEO efforts and so on.

  • This could be any sources like Google, Yahoo, Facebook, YouTube, social media platforms and so on.

Search Engine Algorithm

  • The next very frequently heard term is search engine algorithms and this is used to define the policy used by search engines to choose a website to put as search results.

  • All the search engine, right from the top to bottom, have algorithms that are entirely different from each other and thus, they use different policies to pick websites to put on the first page of the search results.

  • A fact regarding algorithms is that they are a kind of discreet or totally uncertain things and not many people in this world have an idea of how search engines decide their algorithms.


  • The term "backlink" is used to define incoming links from other websites and they are very important as far as SEO is concerned.

  • An important thing to know about backlinks is that they are all entirely different from each other.

  • A backlink from a bigger website or a website that experiences more traffic would always be a better thing in terms of SEO.

Bounce Rate

  • The term "bounce rate" is generally the percentage of the visitors who visit the website, but leave away without viewing any other page than the main landing page.

  • SEO services are performed with a goal of making the website attractive and attention-grabbing so that this bouncing rate gets reduced.

Other than these, a number of other terms are there, used by SEO professional in the context of SEO services. The most commonly used have already been discussed and some others are "Long Tail", "Crawler/Bot", "Engagement", "Impressions", "Indexed Pages", "SERP" and so on.

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